About The TaskFriend App

On the TaskFriend App you can find someone nearby to help with tasks you need to get done. Mowing a lawn, setting up a wireless router, walking a dog, building a website, running errands.
The possibilities are huge.

Members from nonprofits can complete tasks to raise money for their cause or they can do it to earn money for themselves.

Do a task, make some cash. You decide where to stash.

With TaskFriend App you can do three things

1) Request a task you need done

2) Earn some cash for yourself

3) Direct the payment to your nonprofit project

Giving Made More Accessible

The TaskFriend App is a tool that opens up new channels for others to give back to their community. Instead of just offering money, people can now contribute by getting something done or by helping people in their community. This will allow non-profit organizations to potentially double what they normally raise each year. With TaskFriend, more people are able get involved in their community, not just the core people that do all the work.

People Want To Be Involved

Whether it's supporting a local school, church, a political campaign, an environmental or human rights organization, everyone has a cause they want to support. The two things preventing them is time and money. With TaskFriend, people without time can support a cause by requesting tasks to get others involved. Those with limited funds can now contribute by completing tasks for others.

We Could All Use Some Help

TaskFriend App makes it easier than ever for you to find local and affordable help for anything you need. Getting help is easy as sending a text message and the money you spend could go towards a good cause. We believe that everyone could use a hand with something in their lives because no one has the time, knowledge, or the resources to accomplish everything by themselves.

Everyone Has Something Unique to Offer

TaskFriend App empowers people to earn money on their own terms, opening the door so everyone can contribute. With the TaskFriend app, notifications can be configured so that alerts are only received on task requests that match your desired type of work. Choose to direct your earnings to yourself or a nonprofit organization of your choice. We believe that everyone can and wants to contribute something to their community.

Features and Benefits

  • Good For One

    TaskFriend App can be used by individuals looking for help or looking to earn money. The person needing help gets what they need done and the helper gets paid.

  • Good For Many

    TaskFriend App allows people to share resources toward a common goal. The person that completes the task can direct the payment to a non-profit cause of their choice instead of being paid.

  • We Unite

    With a tap of a button, task requests can be shared with your community.

    Win-Win: People get more things done and people can earn money or give back to their community.

    We charge a 5% fee on receiving payments. There are no other fees for using TaskFriend App.

  • We Are Unique

    Current methods of fundraising which involve selling products like candles and popcorn are not scalable and they're inefficient as less than 50% of the money raised goes to the cause.

    With TaskFriend, 95% goes to the person or a non-profit organization of their choice.

  • We Are Secure

    We are cloud-based to ensure optimized performance and data security. Our response time is blazing fast as we built TaskFriend to be world class. We are always ready to serve.

  • We Scale

    TaskFriend App allows more people get involved in their community, not just the core people that usually do all the work. TaskFriend App's ability to scale resources puts everyone on the same page to get things done.

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