About Us


TaskFriend Technologies is a Milwaukee-based company comprised of a small group of software developers and social scientists who have designed, built and released TaskFriend, an app created for individuals to earn money on their own terms. Earnings on TaskFriend for any task can be directed to a non-profit organization of your choice.

TaskFriend is also on a mission to make local services affordable and accessible. Currently, local services can be expensive and challenging to find, which is why we often ask for help from friends or family first. Hiring a stranger is almost always the last option. For example, if you do not know how to install a wireless router, you either go without it or pay a premium for a stranger to help.

TaskFriend solves this problem. TaskFriend connects nonprofit organizations directly with people needing local and affordable help. TaskFriend is also working to connect and enhance the communication between the members of existing communities such as churches, schools, political campaigns and other nonprofits.

All parties benefit from this exchange. The person or group doing the task is compensated, and the people who need help get the service they need from someone in their network.

Our History

TaskFriend was started in 2014 by Kevin while attending UIUC because he thought it was ridiculous that similar platforms charged up to a third of what people earned on their platforms. TaskFriend was created as a way to remove all the barriers such as high transaction fees that prevent people from coming together to work towards a common goal.

Throughout the past 5 years, TaskFriend has gone through many variations and the biggest lesson we learned was that it doesn't matter if you're passionate about a cause if you don't have a scalable business model to get it out there. Without a scalable business model, how will anyone ever find out about you or use your product?

However, since the beginning of 2019, TaskFriend made a breakthrough pivot to give nonprofit organizations a better way to fundraise. This new direction keeps our core values in-line while giving TaskFriend a scalable business model.

As of today, TaskFriend is a fully developed mobile application available on both iPhone and Android devices. TaskFriend is a not a prototype. It's a feature-rich, stable and simple-to-use app that is free to download.

TaskFriend is currently working with local nonprofits to launch a pilot program and grow local roots to gain inertia for evidence of success to roll it out nationally.

Our Team

Sang Nam (Kevin)
Chief Executive Officer

Born in South Korea and now a citizen of the United States, Kevin has lived in many diverse neighborhoods throughout his life. This has allowed him to develop a deep appreciation for people and cultures that exists inside communities. Kevin is driven by this belief that when you bring people together, the world becomes a better place. TaskFriend isn't just based off an idea, it's the result of years of research and experience in meeting new people and trying to understand why and how people make decisions. CONTACT

E.Kasey Kasemodel
Chief Technology Officer

Kase has decades of experience in the areas of cyber security, systems design, business intelligence, corporate behavioral science, intellectual property management, and software engineering. This has allowed him to enjoy many years of assisting small businesses and multi-national corporations helping them gain improved positions from data analysis to enterprise-wide system efficiencies. CONTACT

Debra Maurer
Marketing and Business Development

I enjoy the challenge of finding creative ways to increase margins and attract new business. If you don't increase your customer base, you will never reach your potential. My secret sauce is my ability to connect to my audience. I then discover and grow additional revenue streams as I understand the psychology of the sale, which is why people buy. CONTACT

Brian Steinhagen
National Account Manager

Lots of IT experience with a background in Statistics; loves numerical adventures. Baseball's Sabermetrics is a classical example of how rethinking statistics and data analysis can impact an industry. We will use metric based initiatives to implement processes, grow our user base, and expand the TaskFriend platform. Brian is in charge of ensuring our pilot programs are properly managed to ensure TaskFriend App can be deployed nationally. CONTACT

Social Media and Press

If you are an enthusiastic, detail-oriented self-starter, please read on... We are searching for a social media maniac who's able to manage the company's social media accounts while identifying and responding to issues from social listening to viral thinking. Ideally: You enjoy engaging with people, have a passion for solving problems and understand online reputation management. APPLY