TaskFriend enables nonprofits to start fundraising via services and gives people the ability to raise money by helping others. Mowing the lawn or running an errand to support a great cause. The TaskFriend app makes this possible while making local services affordable and accessible.

On the TaskFriend app, decide where to stash before you complete a task to make some cash. 95% of the earnings go to you or the nonprofit cause of your choice.

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Our History

TaskFriend was started in 2014 because local gigs platform weren't available in college towns like Urbana-Champaign, even to this day. We also thought that it was ridiculous that these platforms, where available, would charge up to a third of what people earned in fees. TaskFriend was created as a way to remove all the barriers such as high transaction fees that drive up the cost of services and prevent people from coming to work together.

Throughout the past five years, TaskFriend has gone through many variations and the biggest lesson we learned was that it doesn't matter if you're passionate about a cause if you don't have a scalable business model. Without one, how will anyone ever find out about your organization or use your product?

Since the beginning of 2019, TaskFriend made a breakthrough pivot to give groups and organizations a new way to fundraise. This pivot keeps our core values in-line while giving our company a scalable business model. As of today, TaskFriend is a fully developed mobile application available on both iPhone and Android devices.

Our Team

  • Sang Nam (Kevin)Chief Executive Officer

    Born in South Korea and now a citizen of the United States, Kevin is driven by this belief that when you bring people together, the world becomes a better place. CONTACT

  • E.Kasey KasemodelChief Technology Officer

    Immersed in IT since his first start-up at Transceptor Technologies, a company funded to advance voice recognition technology long before Alexa and Siri. Kase has corporate experience including hands-on design and large systems development at Mazda and Ford. CONTACT

  • Daniel HeinigerPartnerships and Development

    Dan has held positions in various nonprofit organizations for underserved groups and communities. He is working to bring hope and choice to our communities through unique opportunities and innovation. CONTACT

  • Serguei VassilievEnterprise Architecture

    Serguei ensures our tech is enterprise-class. He has an extensive background delivering complex solutions for automotive, logistics, social media and financial/mortgage lending industries. He has worked within several Fortune 500 companies and numerous startups (one funded by the National Science Foundation). CONTACT

  • Pavel Vaseanovici Senior Software Engineer

    Pavel has a passion for coding and brings an expertise in systems architecture, everything to do with cloud, object-oriented programming, algorithms, design patterns, data modeling, relational and noSQL databases. He's had extensive experience working in Agile teams on large scale projects. CONTACT

  • Stan Chibashov Security and System Architecture

    Stan can do almost everything that Pavel can, but lives in a different timezone. He is an absolute nut about enterprise-class security and literally can't sleep at night thinking of new ways to improve our tech. CONTACT

  • Brian SteinhagenNational Account Manager

    Has lots of IT experience with a background in statistics. Brian ensures our pilot programs are properly managed and uses metric based initiatives to implement processes, grow our user base, and expand our platform. CONTACT

  • Maria Gaytan Digital Marketing and Press Manager

    Maria has a tenacious drive for marketing in today's digital world. With a passion for giving back to nonprofits, she's working to convey our company's vision and message to the world. CONTACT