3 Reasons to Use TaskFriend Instead of TaskRabbit

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3 Reasons to Use TaskFriend Instead of TaskRabbit

3 Reasons to Use TaskFriend Instead of TaskRabbit

Posted By: Kevin N.Date: 05/21/2018

Are you in need of some light work to be done or objects to be moved? Or, are you looking for additional money? Join the freelance revolution!

Task and handyman (handy person!) apps are a great way to get other people to help you out and to hunt for more work. Similar to the Craigslist idea of posting on a job board, task apps connect you directly to another individual to either complete work for you, or to allow you to work for them. It’s the job land of the future! And now it is as mobile as you are.

There are several top apps out there for Posters and Taskers. Choices are good! But there are always pros and cons to different apps. Here I’d like to walk you through 3 reasons to use TaskFriend instead of Task Rabbit.


Get the Job Done Fast

TaskRabbit has a several day waiting period after a tasker signs up. This means that making money is going to take several days. With TaskFriend, you just download, sign up and start clicking on potential jobs! You could sign up, complete a task and make some money, all in the space of a few hours.

    1.  Sign up and start TODAY


Make More For the Same Work

Making money is important for taskers. Every platform has a built-in fee for services just to keep the platform online. But not every platform has equal fee rates.

TaskRabbit tacks on a 15% fee to posters, and then 7.5% trust and safety fee. That means TaskRabbit walks away with 22.5% extra from all posters! Now that’s a high percentage.

In contrast, TaskFriend only charges 5% of the total transaction. So instead of paying an extra 22.5%, posters and taskers simply sharing the 5% service fee.

    2.  Keep 95% of the money!


Connect with Your Community

Collaboration, freedom and friendship are key to getting real tasks done. Your community is your life, so why not connect through your daily needs? TaskFriend is focused on connecting users to each other. Make a friend by helping them move, and earn some cash as well.

    3.  Friendships made instantly – local taskers in your community


That’s our top 3 reasons to use TaskFriend instead of TaskRabbit. You have the chance to instantly walk away with 95% of the total payment for an odd job, all while making a potential friend and community connection.



TaskFriend only charges a 5% transaction fee on the money you earn. The difference between TaskFriend and our competitors is the fact that we’re an open marketplace whereas our competitors tend to act as an agency. We don’t pick and choose who is allowed on the platform, how much a job should cost or even provide a guideline on how it should be performed. We believe that as long as you bring people together, people are smart enough to collaborate and work it out for themselves. TaskFriend just provides tools for people to make the best decisions. This includes reviewers, verifications, completion rates on profiles and even payment processing.

At TaskFriend, our goal is to be as open and transparent as possible. We want to empower and support individuals to help them achieve what they want – not tell people what to do. With your help, we can let people take full control of their lives.